The Dr. Donna B. Huger 2021 Scholarship Recipients

I was honored to offer Javian and Jadrien Huell of Lane, SC each with a $500 scholarship.

Twin brothers Javian and Jadrien Huell graduated from C. E. Murray High School , my high school Alma Mater, in Greeleyville in June 2021, taking the two top honors in their class.

Javian is valedictorian and Jadrien is salutatorian. It’s the first time in school history that the two highest GPA students in the same class, came from the same household, and I am so proud that they are from my hometown of Lane, SC.

The brothers were also part of a Dual College Enrollment Program. So on May 14, 2021 they marched in the graduation ceremony for Williamsburg Technical College, receiving a certificate in General College Studies.

They both are attending the University of South Carolina, Columbia Campus, my other Alma Mater for both my undergraduate and masters degrees. Thanks to all who support this endeavor by purchasing my book or by giving a donation. Thanks to William Whitehurst for giving them both an autographed copy of your book, which is available on Amazon: Poverty To Prosperity: Rewriting Your Narrative.

Congratulations certainly also goes to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Huell!

Remember, To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48)

Dr. Donna Burgess Huger Scholarship

Scholarship Application 2021 – Deadline: Friday, April 30, 2021
This scholarship is a one time:
$500 scholarship to attend a 4-year college/university
$300 scholarship to attend a 2-year technical/community college for a student from the town of Lane, SC (29564)

The Dr. Donna Burgess Huger Scholarship is funded with partial proceeds from the sale of Dr. Donna’s Book: Sagacious Doves: A Guide to Graciously Inventing and Realizing Life Sagaciously!

Minimum GPA to apply: 3.0 Based on the South Carolina Uniformed GPA

The funds will go directly to the student once proof of enrollment is submitted.

Please submit using the Google Form Here

If you have any questions concerning this scholarship, please email:

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

One Sagacious Air(Wo)man!

What happens to a dream deferred? It comes true!
Especially a dream with a clear goal,
filled with hope
and aimed for the future.
Meet my niece Yolanda Burgess Tann!
This is her story!
Follow the link below to read more…

Yes, Yolanda Tann is one Sagacious Dove!

She is a Sagacious Girl!
Gracious, Ingenious, Resilient and Lively
She is a Sagacious Girl!
Intelligent, wise, perceptive, astute and bold, Sagacious Girl!

If you want to follow her journey, visit her Instagram account @Yolanda_Tann.
You will be INSPIRED!

Announcing Sh’Niya A. Paulin Scholarship Recipient!

Sh’Niya Amani Paulin
Recipient of the 2020
Dr. Donna B. Huger,
Sagacious Youth Life, LLC Scholarship

I am extremely proud to announce the first recipient of the Dr. Donna B. Huger, Sagacious Youth Life, LLC Scholarship. Sh’Niya, a native of Lane, SC is the daughter of Alma and Damon Paulin, and the sibling of Devin and Princeton Paulin. She attributes her family for inspiring her to strive for greatness, and for strengthening her belief that she can be anything she chooses in life.

Sh’Niya plans to major in Exercise Science at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Her future plan is to become a Physical Therapist. She looks forward to contributing to improve the daily lives of others through her chosen profession.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the scholarship fund. The Dr. Donna B. Huger, Sagacious Youth Life, LLC Scholarship was funded partially from funds of those who graciously purchased my book, Sagacious Doves: A Guide to Graciously Inventing and Realizing Life Sagaciously.

I am so very proud of Sh’Niya and her accomplishments. She completed almost a year of College Dual Credit courses while at C.E. Murray and has maintained a strong academic course of study and grade point average. I have no doubt that she was meant to be the recipient of this scholarship.

Sh’Niya, “The Best is Yet to Come!”
You are a Sagacious Dove!
~ DrDonna

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