The Dr. Donna B. Huger 2021 Scholarship Recipients

I was honored to offer Javian and Jadrien Huell of Lane, SC each with a $500 scholarship.

Twin brothers Javian and Jadrien Huell graduated from C. E. Murray High School , my high school Alma Mater, in Greeleyville in June 2021, taking the two top honors in their class.

Javian is valedictorian and Jadrien is salutatorian. It’s the first time in school history that the two highest GPA students in the same class, came from the same household, and I am so proud that they are from my hometown of Lane, SC.

The brothers were also part of a Dual College Enrollment Program. So on May 14, 2021 they marched in the graduation ceremony for Williamsburg Technical College, receiving a certificate in General College Studies.

They both are attending the University of South Carolina, Columbia Campus, my other Alma Mater for both my undergraduate and masters degrees. Thanks to all who support this endeavor by purchasing my book or by giving a donation. Thanks to William Whitehurst for giving them both an autographed copy of your book, which is available on Amazon: Poverty To Prosperity: Rewriting Your Narrative.

Congratulations certainly also goes to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Huell!

Remember, To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48)

Sagacious Doves, You Have A Commission to Life Sagaciously!

Sagacious Doves

A Guide to Graciously Inventing and Realizing Life Sagaciously!

Sagacious means showing keen mental discernment, being shrewd and skilled in following a trail. Sagacious means having quick intellectual perceptions, keen penetration and judgement, and being discerning and judicious.

Life does not come with an instruction manual. No one holds the knowledge to what life can become for you, but you. 

To live life Sagaciously means to embrace the imaginable! To live life Sagaciously means to always stay true! To live Sagaciously means to always be watchful and prayerful in your steps, in your choices, in your decisions, in your relationships, and in your God-given purpose. 

With spiritually sound practices, Sagacious Dove: A Guide to Graciously Inventing and Realizing Life Sagaciously will help you discover how to…

Set Sagacious Boundaries

Make Sagacious Life Choices

Engage in Sagacious Goals Setting

Develop Sagacious Relationships

Live a Sagacious Lifestyle

A thoughtful and pragmatic guide, this inspirational resource is a must read for all ages seeking to graciously invent and realize life on their own terms, Sagaciously!

The Dr. Donna B. Huger Library

Humbled and honored. My town will dedicate a Library after me.
Yes, I’m from Lane!
I love ❤️ my hometown and proud to call it home!

The first sentence of my book, Sagacious Doves is below…

“As a young girl, and quite frankly, even now being in my middle fifties, I loved the experience of finding a place of solitude and curling up with a good book”.

Thanks to the late Mrs. Janie Spry, my high school librarian for fueling my love of reading. There was not a week that did not go by when she did not recommend one or more books for me to read.

I am looking forward to inspiring the next generation!

Meet My #1 Sagacious Dove

Meet LadyLindstrom of @Foliagefaith OR Little Lady (LL) to Me

Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

~Dr. Seuss

Self-Honesty Comes First

When my Little Lady (LL) Danielle turned eighteen years old, she decided that she would get her first, and still only, tattoo. To say that I was not thrilled would be putting it mildly. She was always so sensible about things. Always calculating the cost and effect of her decisions. Always weighing the pros and cons, taking her calculated time to make any decision. Yet, here she was wanting to get a tattoo. I just could not understand why. She was so compelled and convicted and so sure of it, and she wanted me there when it happened. While I agreed with her that it was her choice, I could not see myself going to the tattoo shop to see her get it done.

Just two words, four letters each, “Stay True,” was what she wanted. Somehow those two words meant enough that she was willing to have them permanently etched inside her upper left arm, and she did.

Over the years, Danielle has used her tattoo to demonstrate just how unwavering and unique she is in how she manages the world around her and how she makes her own life choices, no matter what. One thing for sure, she knows:

This above all — to thine own self be true,

and it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.

~William Shakespeare

Listen as LL shares what being a Sagacious Dove means to her!

“Stay True”

LL earned her Bachelor of Religious Studies from the College of Charleston and her Master of Theology from Columbia International University, where she is continuing her studies towards earning her Master of Divinity. She married the love of her life, Justin Lindstrom and they are the proud parents of two Labradoodles Hootie (of Hootie and the Blowfish/Charleston, where LL considers her second home) and Wrigley (of Wrigley Field/Chicago, where Justin is from).

Stop by LL’s Social Media sites where you can always count on her to

“Stay True”

Meet Sagacious Dove – Tiona Thompson

Amor Fati!

Tiona Thompson, College Advisor & Sagacious Dove

I am a firm believer that everything happens at a devine time and for a devine purpose in your life. This also includes the people that you meet.

I had the opportunity this year to attend Snapshot Clemson November 7 – November 9. During Snapshot Clemson, only 15 School Counselors and College Advisors from across the state of South Carolina were invited to explore academics and student life at Clemson University. The goal was to learn more about the opportunities and resources available at Clemson University so that we are able to share firsthand knowledge with our students.

Over the three days we learned about what makes Clemson “the” choice for some students, but we also got to know the cohort group of School Counselors and College Advisors. As we rode the bus from location to location, and walked from building to building, we connected not only on professional levels with each other, but also on personal levels with each other.

From the first time that I met Tiona, I felt a kindred spirit. Then I saw her tattoo…

Right then, we connected on a spiritual level, and shared our passion for working with the youth, and how we both have plans to empower and impact young people beyond what we do in our daily professions of School Counselor and College Advisor. Listen below to Tiona on “What the Dove means to her”!

Listen to Tiona on “What the Dove means to her!”

I am thankful that Tiona was one of the 15. To Tiona, I want you to know that “You are a Sagacious Dove”!

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