Meet Sagacious Dove – Tiona Thompson

Amor Fati!

Tiona Thompson, College Advisor & Sagacious Dove

I am a firm believer that everything happens at a devine time and for a devine purpose in your life. This also includes the people that you meet.

I had the opportunity this year to attend Snapshot Clemson November 7 – November 9. During Snapshot Clemson, only 15 School Counselors and College Advisors from across the state of South Carolina were invited to explore academics and student life at Clemson University. The goal was to learn more about the opportunities and resources available at Clemson University so that we are able to share firsthand knowledge with our students.

Over the three days we learned about what makes Clemson “the” choice for some students, but we also got to know the cohort group of School Counselors and College Advisors. As we rode the bus from location to location, and walked from building to building, we connected not only on professional levels with each other, but also on personal levels with each other.

From the first time that I met Tiona, I felt a kindred spirit. Then I saw her tattoo…

Right then, we connected on a spiritual level, and shared our passion for working with the youth, and how we both have plans to empower and impact young people beyond what we do in our daily professions of School Counselor and College Advisor. Listen below to Tiona on “What the Dove means to her”!

Listen to Tiona on “What the Dove means to her!”

I am thankful that Tiona was one of the 15. To Tiona, I want you to know that “You are a Sagacious Dove”!

Sagacious Girl


She is a Sagacious Girl, with a broad and bodacious smile

That shelters her deepest thoughts, desires, dreams and wishes;

Shared only with those worthy of her trust, who have hope for her future.

She takes care to own her space and to safeguard her boundaries.

She is a Gracious Girl, with hands open to serve the world,

Her heart so compassionate, she feels that one day,

She’ll be the one, that one to inspire and impearl,

The suffering of the unwanted, undesired and uncared for.

She is an Ingenious Girl, always creating and recreating

Who she is, who she wishes to be, trying and testing.

She’ll never stop learning, desiring, thirsting, seeking;

With these come knowledge, wisdom, mastery and yes, power.

She is a Resilient Girl, bouncing back at the speed of light,

Racing to make up lost time, being quick yet wise, to

Achieve, aspire and attain, despite the disappointments and setbacks

That only serve to make her stronger, flexible and even more resilient.

She is a Lively Girl, vivacious, dynamic and full of movement.

She walks with rhythm and rhyme, gaining power with each step.

The music and muses keep her stroll on beat, until

She reaches her destination, even livelier than when she started.

She is a Sagacious Girl!

Gracious, Ingenious, Resilient and Lively

She is a Sagacious Girl!

Intelligent, wise, perceptive, astute and bold, Sagacious Girl!