The Dr. Donna B. Huger 2021 Scholarship Recipients

I was honored to offer Javian and Jadrien Huell of Lane, SC each with a $500 scholarship.

Twin brothers Javian and Jadrien Huell graduated from C. E. Murray High School , my high school Alma Mater, in Greeleyville in June 2021, taking the two top honors in their class.

Javian is valedictorian and Jadrien is salutatorian. It’s the first time in school history that the two highest GPA students in the same class, came from the same household, and I am so proud that they are from my hometown of Lane, SC.

The brothers were also part of a Dual College Enrollment Program. So on May 14, 2021 they marched in the graduation ceremony for Williamsburg Technical College, receiving a certificate in General College Studies.

They both are attending the University of South Carolina, Columbia Campus, my other Alma Mater for both my undergraduate and masters degrees. Thanks to all who support this endeavor by purchasing my book or by giving a donation. Thanks to William Whitehurst for giving them both an autographed copy of your book, which is available on Amazon: Poverty To Prosperity: Rewriting Your Narrative.

Congratulations certainly also goes to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Huell!

Remember, To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48)

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